Android automation tools study summary

  Android API and develop tools has been developed very sufficiently, while the apps we developed always have to be tested in someway by ourselves.
  However we want to save our time by reducing these manual test cost.
  Can we learn better method to reduce them?
  Here is a conclusion for mobile(Android) operation system automation methods and tools.

Existing approaches

General targets

Approaches Details

Hierachy Viewer based usage

Execute command like this:

$ adb shell uiautomator dump  
$ adb pull /sdcard/window_dump.xml 


$ {ANDROID_HOME}/tools/bin/uiautomatorviewer

then you will see what it looks like.

Mobile automation thinking

  Different ways has their own advantage and disadvantage, the simplest automation may use specific single method to the target. If we hope to see a tool with the acomprehensive mechanisms, it probably have to combine multiple methhods.

  This is very briefly page about Mobible(Android) automation test methods, the reason I write is hoping some day that automation tool could handle more complex software test problems, be more productive and save more time.